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About us

Hey lovers! We’re so happy you’re here.

Let’s be honest, ‘love events’ are a little different these days. Even with the most traditional of ceremonies, there comes a desire to be unique, have crazy amounts of fun, and create a time for you and your loved ones to remember. We get it, and we want that for you too! Reflecting our changing world, and with a strong ethos of authenticity, we’ll design your day the way it should be – with passion and creativity. Dreaming up each element to fulfil your vision. And to be clear, we don’t just do badass weddings. We can do any type of celebration or event, so dream big, because from conception to design to execution, we’ve got you covered.

Sound like a perfect match? Based in Auckland, we offer our services to couples (of all shapes, sizes, sexualities, genders, ethnicities, and religions), friends, families and groups near or far. So, say hello and let’s hang out – coffee’s on us! (or, you know, a cheeky wine).

S H E E N A + T E A M

Head Stylist and business babe, Sheena will guide you through the process of designing your event. You’ll come to see what drives her to do what she does; a passion for people, relationships and connection. Combining years of experience in the fashion industry, a deep love of psychology and running her own successful business, she married the three (pun totally intended) to create Rock + Honey Installations. A full blown optimist, and self proclaimed questioner, Sheena strives to know your ‘why’; the soul of a couple, an individual, a company. It is through understanding this, Rock + Honey can do more than just style, design, and deliver, but shape a moment in time that will echo down generations – or at the very least, make for one epic party.

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What We Do

In a nutshell? We’re here to collaborate with you. We’ll take your thoughts and ideas, your Pinterest boards, your inspo imagery and curate an event that reflects the very things that speak about your love, your life, your passion.

But to do that, we’ll need to get to know you.

Starting with that coffee date (or phone/skype call for our overseas lovers), we’ll get started on building your event from the ground up. If we’re fully or partially planning your day, you can rest assured no detail will go amiss. If we’re designing your florals and installations, you’ll catch us up to our necks in buckets of green. And if we’re styling the whole shebang, we’ll be gathering the raddest collection of objects and items from our friends and vendors across New Zealand, and the world.

On the day we’ll load the van, fuel up on coffee, high five the team and set off.  It’s all knee deep in hard work from there to create that epic moment of impact.


It just so happens that creating oomph and texture is kinda our thing. Whether it be an epic installation, or the buttonholes for your boys (or girls/ anyone!), we’ve got it sussed. And of course, since we love to get innovative, Rock + Honey is game to take on any kind of event or celebration.


Say Hello

So Lovers, if our ethos sounds like a fit, you can give us a call on the digits above, or flick us an email, You can also add your deets to the contact form below.  Here at Rock + Honey we love getting those new email alerts, so hit us with your ideas and desires and let’s chat – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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